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Now That You are Engaged, What Do You Do Next?

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Congratulations! You are engaged! That moment when your significant other asks for your hand in marriage is a special time in your life. What to do next?

Call Family and Friends

Call your family and tell them the great news.  Text or video chat with friends to share your excitement. Share your engagement on social media, if you choose.

Engagement Party?

An engagement party is not necessary but can be a great time to celebrate your upcoming marriage. Typically, engagement parties are not as elaborate as the wedding and you may opt for a smaller venue and guest list for this special occasion. Anything from daytime brunches to evening dinners with DJ s and dancing are the norm.

A brunch in a private room at the Long Island Aquarium could include a visit from one of our penguins, a shout-out at the sea lion show or personal photos with Java the sea lion. More traditional dinners in our Sea Star Ballroom offer a large dance floor to dance the night away.

Discuss What Your “Dream Wedding” Means to You

Not everyone has the same idea of a dream wedding. Some couples prefer a traditional ceremony in their church or synagogue followed by a cocktail hour and four-hour reception in a conventional catering hall. Some prefer a ceremony on the beach and continuous cocktail party outside under the stars. Others look for a unique venue that reminds them of their first date, a hobby or interest or a venue where they have total control of the décor. Whatever your dream wedding is to you it should reflect your personality and you as a couple.

At Atlantis Banquets & Events we offer both traditional and unique venue options for intimate weddings or large family celebrations in our Sea Star Ballroom overlooking the Peconic River and the Long Island Aquarium where you dine and dance among the penguin, sea lion, shark and tropical fish exhibits. And if you are really adventurous, you can get married in our 120,000 gallon shark tank!

Research Venues

There are many venues to choose from when considering a place for your reception. Reflect on locations you’ve been to for social occasions, ask for recommendations from friends and family and search websites specific to weddings for inspiration. Most importantly, choose a venue that reflects you and your future spouse.

Check out our wedding venue options, as well as, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and post-wedding breakfast options.

Set Your Budget

Set a clear budget for the wedding. How much can you and your future spouse afford? Does a parent plan to pay for part of the wedding? Be clear on the budget to avoid overspending or facing financial challenges. If a loved one plans to pay for a portion of the wedding, ask them their budget and include it in your plans.

Be aware that different venues have different pricing structures. If you fall in love with a venue but can’t afford their prime Saturday evening rate, ask about rates for different days of the week or a different month for a more affordable price.

With Atlantis Banquets and Events if you need flexibility with your budget, we offer flexibility with pricing based on the date. Ask a sales professional how we can work within your budget.

Select a Date

If you have a specific wedding venue in mind for your big day, then you will want to be flexible with your date based on their availability and pricing. If you have a special date in mind, flexibility in your venue is necessary. Choosing a date may also relate to your budget and how long it takes to save for your reception.

Planning your wedding day should be a fun process. Enjoy the journey as you create a day that is personal to you and provides your guests a memorable experience.

Contact the sales department of Atlantis Banquets and Events for additional information or a tour of our resort which features two hotels, restaurants, bars and watersports, in season.

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