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6 Easy Steps to Planning the Perfect Wedding

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With Atlantis Banquets & Events and these six tips you can create special memories during this day of connection, family and love.

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While planning for a wedding can feel overwhelming, the prep for the big event is also filled with excitement and discovery. “Couples should remember that the planning process is fun,” said Joan LaRosa, catering sales manager at Atlantis Banquets + Events. “Each wedding is distinctive and beautiful in its own way — couples can design a day that is personal and meaningful, choosing which traditions or trends they want to embrace.”

Every couple envisions how they see their wedding day — and whether you want a small, intimate affair or a big, celebratory gala every scenario can become actualized. The key lies in understanding what elements are important to you, locating the right vendors to create that vision and setting up a system to organize the event.

Tip 1: Give yourself plenty of time for planning


Couples in the United States tend to take 15 or 16 months to prepare for their wedding, according to The Knot’s 2023 Global Wedding Report. Part of your initial pre-wedding strategy should include setting your budget, take into account how many guests you will have and to start considering when to hold the event. Be realistic about wedding costs and let that guide your options. If you know, for instance, that you want to marry in October — the top month to wed in the U.S. — there may be less availability and steeper prices. Research the average cost of a wedding on Long Island or whatever location you’re considering and use that to guide your decision-making process. Pick a time period to marry that will work for the bulk of your loved ones and yourself. If your grandparents won’t travel during the winter, for example, don’t choose a January wedding date. If you’re an accountant, any time close to tax day probably isn’t optimal.

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Tip 2: Determine your priorities

Once you have a budget and a time period in mind, have a conversation with your partner about what is most important about the wedding and reception to you. Is it the date? The venue? Do you want a particular band or DJ to play? Is certain food a priority? For example, Atlantis Banquets + Events can provide whatever wedding food experience you wish from farm-to-table options, to barbeques to vegetarian, gluten-free or kosher-style selections.

Choose three or four things you don’t want to compromise on and stick to that. Knowing what is a must-have will help you focus and will allow flexibility while filling in other details.

Sea Star Ballroom

Tip 3: Hire a venue and vendors that can help realize your wedding vision

The average couple employs 10 vendors for their wedding activities, according to The Knot study, including florists, photographers, caterers, videographers and glamour teams. Before meeting with any of these companies, spend some time figuring out the wedding style you want first. Gather inspiration from looking at wedding magazines and websites and social media sites like Pinterest as well as talking with other newly married couples. Attend a few bridal fairs and expos, too [Atlantis Banquets & Events is hosting a wedding showcase on Feb. 28]. You want to have a good sense of what you like and don’t like before hiring anyone. While vendors can provide help with focus — especially if you become overwhelmed with all the options — try to understand the gist of what kind of atmosphere you want on your day. It is important to find vendors you feel comfortable around, who listen to your ideas and know how to implement them. Even after you find vendors you like, always read contracts before signing on that bottom line. You want to ensure that everything you requested is included.

When booking a venue, consider your guest count, desired location and the type of atmosphere you want. Atlantis Banquets & Events offers 11 distinct spaces that cater to every desire — from the elegant Sea Star Ballroom with a view of the marina to the magnificent Coliseum Room that features a colorful backdrop of fish tanks to outdoor options like the Riverside Pavilion, which sits on the Peconic River.

Sea Star Ballroom

Tip 4: Incorporate your personality into your wedding and reception

Many wedding traditions are beloved, such as the first dance and cake-cutting ceremony, but nuptials no longer need cookie-cutter conformity. Couples like to showcase their identity through unique themes, or including specific customs or personal interests into their special day. Atlantis Banquets & Events helps couples build the event they envision. “We will incorporate family cultural favorite foods into a wedding menu,” said LaRosa. “We’ve also had classic cars parked out front, and ring bearers carrying fishing poles down the aisle. We love to make weddings as personalized as possible.”

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Tip 5: Give your guests an experience with unique wedding venues, photo ops or themes

More couples are looking to have a celebration that provides a “wow” factor. This includes finding non-traditional reception venues, offering interesting entertainment and unusual favors. For example, at Atlantis Banquets + Events, couples can find unique experiences like saying their wedding vows in a shark tank to taking selfies with Sea Lions or African penguins to doing a photo shoot in the tropical Butterfly Garden or alongside a coral reef. Couples can even host their party inside the Long Island Aquarium, creating the best “Under the Sea” theme ever.

Shark Room

Tip 6: Find a system that organizes your planning

Whether you like Excel or Google spreadsheets, a wedding planning book or just a simple checklist, finding a forum that you can manage your to-do list from is essential. You’ll want to include information like budget, estimates, deadlines, etc. in one control center. The Knot Report pointed out that couples are relying on technology more than ever for wedding preparation, with over half of couples video chatting with vendors and 73 percent using wedding planning websites.

You can schedule a tour of Atlantis Banquets + Events to see how we can help you plan your perfect wedding. Our facility only hosts one wedding at a time, guaranteeing customized service. We also include a planner and a private, luxury bridal  party suite, filled with snacks for the bride and groom, in all wedding packages. If you’d like accommodations for your guests or a honeymoon waterfront suite, there are several hotel options adjacent to our reception areas.

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