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Scouting Events are More Fun at Atlantis Banquets + Events

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Hosting a Girl or Boy Scout event is a lot of work, but can offer great rewards. Whether it’s for a fall “Camporee,” scouting award dinners to recognize your participants or just a spring fling, scouts love to get together and experience something new and fun.
When you’re planning any such event, choosing the right location is the first priority. Atlantis Banquets and Events offers many choices to help you create a scouting event that will be remembered for years to come. Our Sea Star Ballroom and Long Island Aquarium are ideal for groups ranging from 25 to 1,000 guests and can be configured to work for more. We’ve put together just a few reasons why Atlantis Banquets and Events is the perfect choice for your Boy or Girl Scout gathering.
One of the most popular activities we offer is a Penguin Meet & Greet. This is a fun way to make a scouting event one that will never be forgotten. One of our educators actually brings a penguin to the scouting group photo and provides a quick discussion about our penguins and the conservation efforts being made to protect them.
Atlantis also offers tour boat excursions that take small groups down the Peconic River and into Flanders Bay. These tours are run by Aquarium Educators and offer an adventure with an opportunity for hands-on exploration and also promotes awareness and education regarding the Peconic Estuary. The Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat is available in good weather based on the season. The Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat can easily hold up to 70 guests.
Scouting events are often well known for their food. We can work with you to cater a meal that will be appealing to young diners yet still push the envelope with their culinary experiences. Our staff are always happy to work within your requirements to build a menu suited to your scouting event.
Blue & Gold Dinners
In addition to these fun activities that can make your scouting event particularly fun and memorable, we also have a number of meeting rooms to make hosting blue & gold dinners or any size meeting or event a breeze. If you’d like more information about hosting a scouting event with us or if you would like to book your next gathering today, contact us. We look forward to helping you create a scouting event that will be remembered for a lifetime!

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