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Minimonies and Micro Weddings are More Popular Than Ever

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Whether it’s for budgetary reasons or health concerns, smaller, more intimate weddings and receptions are more popular these days. But as you talk to wedding planners, venues and vendors, it can be helpful to know the difference between recent wedding trends like “minimonies” and “micro weddings.”


Some couples would rather keep their original wedding date even when they can’t have a wedding that matches their original concept. In these cases, the “minimony” concept comes to the rescue. It allows you to have a smaller gathering on your original date, with plans to have a bigger celebration at a later date.

Minimonies are increasingly popular in the Covid era because they represent a compromise between risking the health of those attending, versus postponing the event altogether. A minimony is often limited to about 10 guests, along with the officiant and the wedding couple.

Couples often go in one of two directions when recalibrating their original wedding concept: either a scaled-down version of their postponed event, or one that makes for an intriguing contrast to that future date.

For those going the former route, a smaller room at the same wedding venue you originally booked is one logical way to go. Atlantis Banquets & Events can accommodate your wedding for 20 to 320 guests in one of our eleven distinct banquet rooms including the elegant Sea Star Ballroom overlooking the marina on the Peconic River and the Coliseum Room which houses our most captivating and colorful tanks within the Long Island Aquarium.

If you’d rather your minimony feature a totally different vibe than the future event, bring the element of nature to your wedding with photo sessions at the Long Island Aquarium featuring penguins, sea lions, sharks or within our indoor and always tropical Butterfly Garden.

Couples can also indulge their sense of whimsy by having miniature versions of the eventual, larger wedding. Miniature roses in bud vases can act as “coming attractions” for the floral arrangements planned for next year’s reception, while cupcake versions of the wedding cake of your future date can also be featured. In addition, the couple might choose less-formal versions of the gowns or tuxedos they eventually plan to wear.

Micro Weddings

On the surface, micro weddings and minimonies might look exactly the same — a smaller number of guests in a more intimate space. But for the purposes of communicating with vendors or wedding planners, micro weddings are purposefully planned to be standalone events, with 50 or fewer guests.

In other words, there isn’t a larger “sequel” in the future, as is the case with a minimony. Because a micro wedding will be your one-and-only ceremony and reception, you’re apt to spend more time choosing the perfect cake, gown and other details.

Although some couples might plan micro weddings in order to spend less money than a traditional wedding would cost, it’s often the case that micro weddings have similar budgets as their conventional counterparts. The main difference? The budget is used to give a more lavish experience to attendees than is customary. So whether the money is spent on a destination wedding, or on giving guests a luxurious spa experience prior to the ceremony, micro weddings often emphasize quality over quantity.

Even during these challenging times, you don’t have to figure out how modern wedding trends fit into your own dreams. Atlantis Banquets + Events can not only accommodate any size wedding, but we can also help you create the event of your dreams, regardless of the size!

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