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Post Covid-19 Weddings

Planning a Safe and Memorable Wedding Celebration as We Reopen

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To be newly-engaged during the post Covid weddings era is understandably stressful. Safety protocols seem to change regularly, making planning a wedding even more nerve-wracking than usual. But never fear — the staff at Atlantis Banquets + Events can guide you through all the latest trends, including socially distant weddings.

Couples Will Face New Choices

As more couples begin to regroup after previously-scheduled weddings were canceled, they will find themselves in competition for venues with newly-engaged couples. One solution? Scheduling weddings on weekdays. While this option obviously comes with the drawback of potentially fewer people being able to attend, it does mean that you don’t have to put your wedding off for a year or more.

Virtual Planning Meetings Will Continue

Don’t be surprised if some vendors and planners continue to request Zoom-style meetings. (In fact, well after the pandemic, wedding couples may continue to find this time-saving feature helpful).

Of course, regional health policies and personal decision-making will differ from wedding to wedding. But in areas in which in-person planning meetings are still discouraged, vendors often get creative about delivering tasting menu options, or making virtual presentations of your invitation or floral options. 

Creative Options for Socially Distant Weddings Still Abound

Although outdoor weddings can be anxiety-provoking because of unpredictable weather, their obvious health benefits these days can’t be overstated. Atlantis Banquets + Events offers several unique and memorable outdoor wedding event spaces that will serve as a the perfect backdrop for that special day all within a safe and comfortable environment . 

When considering an indoor wedding celebration, it’s become more common to have fewer tables that are more spaced out — and a livestream for those who can’t attend.

Multi-Day Events Grow in Popularity

Wedding weekends are increasing in popularity, according to professional event planner Mindy Weiss. 

In practical terms, that means that the wedding couple can spend more time with their loved ones, while also ensuring their health and safety is factored into their stay. This may become part of “the new normal” for the next few wedding seasons. 

Because of this trend, Atlantis Banquet + Events offers several options for staying at the wedding venue itself or nearby, which will allow you to offer events before and/or after the actual wedding and reception.

Special Questions and Concerns?

Whether you’re not sure of the latest post Covid weddings guidelines as your wedding date nears, or you have a specific concern on behalf of a friend or family member, don’t hesitate to consult with us. 

Now that the world is reopening, contact Atlantis Banquets + Events to learn more about current Covid-19 protocols, as well as post Covid weddings guidelines, and how we can assist you with planning a wedding celebration that is memorable and safe!

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