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5 Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for the Holidays

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The holidays are an especially meaningful time of year for many people. It’s a chance to get family together. Cooler weather means gorgeous fall colors, followed by white snowfall. And, frequent celebrations are the norm. Getting engaged this time of year can mean that traditions always have extra meaning for you and the one that you love. Not sure how to pop the question? Get inspired by the examples below:

1. A special treat in their stocking.

Opening small trinkets from your Christmas stockings can be a sweet and intimate tradition for couples to incorporate into Christmas Eve rituals. Wrapping an engagement ring in a box to slip in among chocolates and other small gifts is an easy and natural fit.

2. A joyful choir.

Christmas carolers add warmth and nostalgia to any holiday season. Why not make the holiday especially memorable by bringing some local carolers in on your wedding proposal plan? Meet up with carolers beforehand to give them a couple of special “will you marry me” verses they can add to their repertoire. Then, have them finish up with something appropriately celebratory.

3. Decorate the tree.

One of the best parts of the holiday season involves taking treasured ornaments out of the box to hang them on the tree. Set it up so that you are pulling items out while your beloved puts them up. When she isn’t looking, pull out a engagement ring box instead of another glass ball.

4. Pass the ring.

At the dining room table at Thanksgiving, Christmas or another holiday meal, it’s traditional to pass around big family sized plates of festive foods. Change things up by placing the ring in her hand instead of the expected plate of mashed potatoes.

5. Add a little something to the holiday play or concert.

Is the Nutcracker, Handel’s Messiah or another performance on your list this holiday season? See if the stage manager would be open to allowing you on stage for a moment before the curtain call for a special announcement. Then, pop the question. This is obviously one for someone who likes the idea of a very public proposal and who is also very confident of hearing a “yes!”
Throughout the holiday season, there are many meaningful moments that could be made even more special with the added touch of a holiday proposal. Some can be very private, some are shared with family, friends or even a crowd. By looking for ways to work the question into another tradition, you can make the holiday season even more jolly and bright.

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