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4 Tips to Help You Plan the Perfect Holiday Office Party for Your Employees

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An annual holiday office party gives you an opportunity to celebrate the successes of your team – and your company as a whole. You can ensure your holiday office party is the talk of the town by taking a smart approach to the planning process. The effort you put into planning your holiday office bash will pay off in dividends in employee loyalty and morale in the coming year. To get started, utilize these four tips to help you plan the perfect holiday party for your small business.

Settle on a Fun Theme Personalized to Your Team

To help build excitement for your company party, you can settle on a fun theme that is perfectly personalized to suit your team. You can reflect on the personalities and preferences of your team members to find the perfect theme. Consider using your employees’ favorite books, movies or music as a guide for the party décor, color scheme and other fun elements. Although you will want to share the theme to drum up interest in your holiday office party, keep the details under wraps to allow for an exciting reveal.

Choose a Reliable Venue with the Right Atmosphere

The theme you choose for your party will help determine the right atmosphere you need to create to pull it off. You can then set out to find a venue that matches your expectations. If you are visiting the venues before making a decision, do not disregard a venue at first sight if it does not match up to your theme. Most venues will make the accommodations you need to achieve your corporate holiday party planning goals. Upon making a selection, verify that the venue has a great reputation for being a reliable place to hold fun events. Once you are certain about a venue, book your date and time right away to avoid missing out.

Bring in a Skilled and Experienced Catering Team

A skilled and experienced catering team can assist you in determining the best foods and beverages to offer at your company’s holiday party. Ryan Rayos del Sol, Corporate Sales Manager at Atlantis Banquets + Events recommends that you work with the catering team to build your ideal menu and identify the services that will help you make the most of your festivities. Ryan suggests that you inquire about past event spreads to see how the catering team handled a large holiday office party.

Integrate Employee Recognition into Your Festivities

Your employees deserve to be recognized for their contributions to the success of your company. Make these recognitions a big part of your holiday office party to boost loyalty and morale. To keep things short and sweet, share your appreciation to the group and hand out small cards with personalized statements of thanks inside. Jumpstart the fun by encouraging everyone to celebrate their personal and shared successes during your holiday party.

Moving Forward with Your Holiday Party Plans

As you move forward with your party planning activities, remember to utilize the tips above to streamline the process from beginning to end. Your efforts will help ensure that your employees have an incredible time at your holiday office party. When your employees have a great time, you can rest assured that loyalty and morale also increase across the board.

To learn more about planning the perfect holiday office party, contact Ryan Rayos del Sol, Corporate Sales Manger at Atlantis Banquets + Events at 631-574-8008 ext. 116 or EMAIL RYAN.


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