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Corporate Team Building

Atlantis Banquets & Events offers a variety of corporate team building programs that focus on the leadership and team skills essential to any successful organization. Programs are run by experienced facilitators who will work closely with you to customize an experience that meets your objectives, team development goals, and desired level of physical activity.

Each program concludes with a discussion of leadership, delegation, decision-making, communication, time management, and other important team-related topics.

Team Building Programs
Long Island Aquarium offers four team building programs, each of which can be customized to meet your needs and budget:
• Atlantis Olympics
• Escape from Atlantis
• Sea-SI: Long Island Aquarium
• Poseidon’s Scavenger Hunt

Our Partner
Long Island Aquarium’s team building programs have been developed in partnership with Motivate America, a national team building leader. Motivate America has provided leadership, motivational, and other programs for several top 10 media companies, including Bloomberg and Tribune Entertainment, as well as for not-for-profit organizations and professional sports teams.

To learn more, call 631.574.8008, ext. 248.

Long Island Aquarium has created four team building programs, each of which can be customized to meet your needs and budget.

Escape from Atlantis
Welcome to the Escape form Atlantis adventure where participants can climb into the skins or feathers of animal exhibited here at the Long Island Aquarium. The objective for the teams is to plan an escape route based on their observations of the construction of their habitat and how its layout can be utilized. The team will not be aiding the animal, they are the animal.  The teams must rely solely on the innate abilities of the animal they are portraying. At the end of the allotted time, teams must present a well-defined escape plan as well as a cogent argument for the escape. To succeed the escapees will need team communication, good group planning and efficient time management skills.  (Group Size: 15-100).
Available: Year-Round

Atlantis Olympics
The Olympics have come to the Aquarium. Do you think your team has what it takes to win a gold medal? Now is your chance to compete like an an animal. Your objective is to transport the unhatched baby penguin eggs safely to their incubator. Sounds easy? It would be if you didn’t have to compete in kayak and rock wall competitions. We also can’t leave out the deadly spider web your team must pass through in order to accomplish your goal. Do you still think your team has what it takes? the baby penguins hope you will make this Aquatic adventure.  (Group Size: 15-60)
Available: June through September

Sharpen your detective skills and work together as a team to track down “whodunit” – it’s a marine mystery encounter for groups up to 50.
Available: Year-Round

Poseidon’s Scavenger Hunt
Indoor/outdoor activity that takes groups throughout the facility in search of clues. The first team to successfully find and follow the hidden secrets of Poseidon’s maze wins.
Available: Year-Round

Program Times
Half-Day: 9:00am to 1:00pm OR 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Full-Day: 9:00am to 5:00pm

To learn more, call 631.574.8008, ext. 248.

Long Island Aquarium can also create customized team building or training programs. Our training consultants will be happy to meet with you to develop a program designed to address your organization’s particular needs, concerns, and objectives.

Here is a partial list of the topics we can address through a customized program:
• Motivation/Inspiration
• Success Training
• Introduction to Management
• Management/Leadership
• Strategic Planning
• Sales Development
• Sales/Sales Management
• Consultative Selling
• Small Business: Marketing/Advertising
• Presentation Skills

In addition, catering at the Aquarium or on our Atlantis Explorer Tour Boat can be added to any team building package.
To learn more, call 631.574.8008, ext. 248.