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How to Plan a Unique and Memorable Fusion Wedding

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Finding that special someone to share your entire life with is the most wonderful feeling in your live. Love transcends religions and cultures, as more people are celebrating fusion weddings to bring everyone together in harmony and happiness. If you plan to have a fusion wedding, use the tips to make the special occasion a memorable day.

What is a Fusion Wedding?

A fusion wedding is a ceremony, or several ceremonies that takes the cultures, religions, and traditions from each side of the wedding party and blend them together. There are different ways to host a fusion wedding.

You may have one ceremony that combines both religions and traditions. You may also have two multi-cultural weddings on the same day. So there will be a ceremony within a religious venue and the other ceremony hosted right after the first, or at the reception hall or another venue.

“By honoring and celebrating the traditions and ceremonial aspects of each culture to the wedding day you share your customs with your friends and blend your families seamlessly.”

Joan LaRosa, Catering Sales Manager at Atlantis Banquets and Events

Tips for Creating Multi-cultural Fusion Weddings

Know what traditions must be kept separate
There are some customs that cannot be blended. Speak with your families and learn about which customs cannot be combined or overlooked in the ceremony. Then you can take these requirements into consideration when trying to plan the length and steps in the wedding.

Combine similar customs and traditions
Some cultures have very similar wedding traditions with only slight alterations. In these circumstances, you may be able to tweak each tradition slightly so that they can be blended into one process. Find out which traditions may be altered to suit both families.

Incorporate foods and dances from both cultures
One of the most existing things to do is to have people try out new foods, dances and customs. Find a caterer who can work with both wedding parties to bring in all the wonderful foods of each culture. Also, speak with the wedding planner about how to schedule dances and certain traditions during the reception.

Create a wedding plan for the entire ceremony
Sitting down and talking with the families, your significant other, and the vendors will allow you to create a flawless fusion wedding. Figure out the budget and how it will go toward all expenses. Each family may pay for their separate parts of the ceremony while sharing costs for shared services, such as photographers. Then select the venues that may best accommodate both sides of the wedding party.

Make it your wedding when it comes to inviting guests
Lastly, you may deal with guests who are very strict with traditions. They may not want a fusion ceremony as they want to keep their culture and customs separate. For these instances, you may want to hold a small gathering or special event before or after the main ceremony and invite these guests. Create a suitable attendance list that reflects how you want to celebrate your special day with family and friends without having to forego your fusion wedding.

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