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5 Creative Holiday Wedding Proposal Ideas

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According to The Knot, the most popular time of the year for marriage proposals is the holiday season, which extends from approximately Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. So, chances are your partner may be expecting you to pop the big question during this time. Of course, that can make it a little more difficult to surprise them with a proposal, but not impossible, especially if you utilize one of these 5 clever holiday engagement ideas. 

Propose at a Local Holiday Event
Many towns and neighborhoods host special events to celebrate the holidays, such as tree lighting ceremonies or special Christmas light displays. A festive atmosphere and twinkling lights can be the perfect setting for a romantic proposal. For an extra special touch, you could set up an illuminated sign that says “Marry Me” somewhere private, and then lead your loved one there to make your proposal. Some people use fairy lights, light-up letters, or even candles to spell out their proposal. 

The Perfect Proposal for Nature Lovers
Imagine the surprise on your partner’s face as a penguin waddles up to them with a ring. Or their astonishment as a sea lion sashays towards them with a sign that says, “Marry me?” The Long Island Aquarium has four wedding proposal packages to choose from, including the penguin and sea lion encounters. The other options are having a proposal sign placed in the shark tank or popping the question in the aquarium’s butterfly exhibit. The Long Island Aquarium is also a popular spot for weddings. This venue offers nine incredible ceremony sites, including both indoor and outdoor spaces.  “I often see couples on dates in the aquarium. What a special place to propose and start the rest of your life together.” noted Joan LaRosa, Atlantis Banquets & Events Catering Sales Manager

Hide the Ring on Your Tree
Christmas morning can be a very special time for wedding proposals. But placing a small ring-size box under the tree could ruin the surprise and the suspense of your proposal. A better idea would be to hide the ring box on your tree late on Christmas Eve and then help your partner to discover it after opening all the other presents. 

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride
Bundling up under a blanket on a horse-drawn carriage through Central Park is a very romantic way to propose. NYC Horse Carriage Rides offer several magical Central Park locations to choose from along with add-ons such as a hidden photographer, videographer, violinist service, champagne, flower arrangements & more!

Pop the Question at a Rink
If you would like to propose in front of friends and family, consider setting up an ice skating get-together as an excuse for your proposal. To make it really special you could rent the rink for a private session. You’ll also want to ask the DJ or management to play a song that has special meaning for you and your partner while you make your proposal. 

A Final Tip
So, what’s the best proposal for you and your partner? It’s not always the most elaborate or the most expensive. The best proposal is one that is tailored to your partner’s personalities, likes and dislikes. So, for example, a hot air balloon proposal might seem like a great idea, but if your partner is afraid of heights, they may find the experience more terrifying than romantic.

Looking for a unique way to pop the big question? Let us take care of it and help turn a day trip to the Aquarium into a day you will never forget. Contact the Reservations Team at 631.208.9200, ext. 426 for more details, today.

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