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Bar & Bat Mitzvahs at Atlantis Banquets + Events

Planning the Perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah Celebration

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It’s the day you’ve been dreaming about since your child was born, and one you want to cherish for years to come. Of course, the ceremonial aspects of bar and bat mitzvahs are what make the day important. But when it comes to the celebratory elements, a little planning will make this meaningful day even more special.

Booking the All-Important Venue

When it comes to Bar or Bat Mitzvah venues on Long Island, Atlantis Banquets and Events offers a variety of options to create a memorable event that your family will cherish for a lifetime. No matter how large or intimate the celebration is, you can choose from settings such as the Long Island Aquarium which can accommodate up to 300 guests while the more traditional Sea Star Ballroom overlooking the scenic Peconic River can seat up to 340 guests. Both venues can be combined to set the stage for both magic and tradition as well.

Our special Bar and Bat Mitzvah package features separate menus for adults and kids, a maitre’d, and attendants who cover everything from valet parking to the Motze and Kiddush Blessing, and candle lighting ceremony.

Don’t Forget Creative Entertainment Options

One way to ensure that no one will forget your child’s special day is to focus on making the activities and favors as fun and unique as possible. Along with the music and the traditional ceremonial events that will occur during bar or bat mitzvahs, from kiddush to toasts, you can also include a variety of games for the different age groups. Don’t forget to stock up on small but charming prizes like gift cards or glow-in-the-dark jewelry to add extra fun to the dance floor!

Picking a theme will set the foundation for the entire event. While your child might not be interested in choosing entrees or napkin colors, an overall theme will guide you through the decision-making process — and ensure that he or she feels involved. Themes can be as specific as a favorite sports team, Broadway show, or as generalized as a color or “vibe.” Once you have that nailed down, decorations, music and even menu items can be planned around it. 

Strike Up the Band (or DJ)

Atlantis Banquets and Events can accommodate a live band or a DJ. Bands provide one-of-a-kind, live energy, while using a DJ ensures that favorite songs will be heard exactly as recorded. Whichever you choose, make sure the bandleader or DJ has the kind of friendly, enthusiastic persona to keep the excitement going between songs and help direct guests to the next activity, if requested. Asking for recommendations from friends who have recently celebrated special events can be invaluable. 

Catering Professionals

When it comes to bat or bar mitzvah venues Long Island, Atlantis Banquets and Events offers a variety of options to provide that extra spark of magic to the event, no matter how large or intimate. Your once-in-a-lifetime celebration not only deserves upscale kosher-style catering, but it also demands the whimsy and wonder that only we can provide in our one-of-a-kind setting.

Our professional staff will guide you through every aspect of your child’s special day and event staff that will treat your guests as family. From the moment your guests arrive and are happily greeted by your valet attendants, to your personal Maître’ D who is committed to providing you with exceptional service, and your Bar/Bat Mitzvah attendant, you and your child’s dream day will come to fruition with perfection at Atlantis Banquets and Events Caterers.

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