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Planning Meaningful Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation Celebrations

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As they confirm and strengthen their faith, your child’s baptism, first holy communion and confirmation ceremonies offer many reasons to celebrate. You can ensure each celebration honors your child’s personal journey by adding meaning into every element of the party. These personalized elements will help to reinforce the significance of the ceremony and party that follows.

Joan LaRosa, Catering Manager at Atlantis Banquets + Events recommends searching for your venue as soon as you receive the sacrament date from your church.  Joan added:people scramble to find a place to celebrate once Communion and Confirmation dates are released”.

To get started planning a meaningful celebration, use the tips in this helpful guide.

Send Out Custom Invites

The invitation kicks off the celebration by letting people know to save the date and come prepared to party. There are many affordable online options available for you to create a unique invitation package.

Write a Special Toast

By writing a special toast to share during the celebration, you can reflect on your child’s journey and the importance of reaching this milestone. You can share delightful stories about your child’s accomplishments, and thank everyone for coming to celebrate with you all. Up the ante even more by inviting your family members and friends to write and present toasts of their own.

Hand Select All Music

Music acts as a truly important party element, as it helps create the perfect atmosphere for your celebrations. Upbeat songs keep everyone dancing and having a good time.  For all other music, build a varied playlist that suits the tone of the party and the personality of your child to set the stage for a great time.

Find the Ultimate Event Venue

Although you can hold your child’s baptism, first holy communion or confirmation party anywhere that will accommodate all your guests, a dedicated event venue, such as a Atlantis Banquets + Events can make the planning process go much easier. With the event venue layout and accommodations in mind, you can attend to every detail of your party plans to help ensure everything goes right. With time, the event venue you select will become tradition in your family as each child reaches these coming-of-age milestones.

Joan LaRosa noted: Hosting an event at the Long Island Aquarium gives your guests a memorable experience. Adults and children alike will be mesmerized by our indoor and outdoor exhibits while enjoying a delicious lunch, brunch or dinner prepared by our chef, served by our attentive wait staff.

Personalize the Decorations

The decorations give you an opportunity to highlight everything your child loves and holds dear. By taking this personalized route, each party you throw celebrates that child in particular, not just the event itself. To keep meaning of the celebration at the forefront, include decorations that have personal meaning to your child.

Build a Tasty Menu

To create amazing memories, you can get creative in building the menu for your child’s celebrations. Brunch menus offer a large selection of items that balances the your child’s tastes and the preferences of your guests to keep everyone pleased. You can go one step further in personalizing the event by offering party favors to share with your guests.

Plan Fun Activities

The dance floor attracts much of the attention as people have fun and celebrate your child’s special day. You can make the event even more memorable by offering other exciting activities for adults and children to enjoy, such as a behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium, the Sea Lion Show with a shout out to the honoree, and private photo sessions with the animals.
By paying attention to all these important areas, you can plan meaningful baptism, first holy communion and confirmation parties for your child. If you would like to receive help in planning these celebrations, you can partner with the party planning professionals at Atlantis Banquet + Events. With a single call, they can get started in planning your entire event from start to finish.

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